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A Dallas police officer is behind bars this morning, accused of orchestrating the 2017 murders of two people — including a 31-year-old woman who was acting as a police informant.

Murder charges were announced Thursday against 36-year-old Bryan Riser, a 13-year veteran of the city’s police force.

Dallas Police Chief Edgardo Garcia outlined the allegations against the officer during a press conference, alleging that Riser had hired someone to kidnap and kill both Albert Douglas, 61, and Liza Saenz, 31.

One of the three men charged with Saenz’s killing approached prosecutors nearly two years ago, claiming to have information on Riser, according to Garcia’s press conference.

The man, described in charging documents as a “witness,” said he and Riser had been longtime friends who had allegedly robbed houses together years earlier. After reconnecting in 2013, Riser allegedly approached the witness with an offer.

According to the press conference, Riser is alleged to have arranged Douglas’ murder first, paying $3,500 for the killing. The witness said Douglas, whose body has never been found, was abducted in early 2017, fatally shot and dumped in the Trinity River.

The witness claims there was a second job two weeks later, when Riser allegedly offered him $6,000 to kidnap and kill Saenz — whom Riser had described as “an informant.”

Saenz was shot several times. Her remains were tossed in the river and found on March 10, 2017.

In September of that year, police arrested Kevin Kidd, 28, Emmanuel Kilpatrick, 31, and Jermon Simmons, 35, charging all three in Saenz’s slaying.

Riser is now charged with two murder counts for his alleged role in the slayings. He is being held on $5 million bail. PEOPLE was unable to ascertain the name of his defense lawyer.

Garcia admitted Thursday that Riser remained on active patrol even after the witness allegedly implicated him in the killings.

He added that Riser only became a formal murder suspect after detectives developed sufficient evidence to show he was allegedly involved in the killings.

“I think the community should know that this police department wants to be as thorough as possible, because we certainly don’t want someone slipping through the cracks that has no business wearing this uniform,” Garcia said at Thursday’s press conference. “And so he’s a person of interest until he becomes a suspect. And that’s what the diligent work of our homicide detectives and the F.B.I. were trying to do.”