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The Rams didn’t introduce a new logo on Monday. Instead they unveiled several of them. Perhaps in the hopes that everyone would like at least one of them.

It hasn’t worked. More than 80 percent of those who have responded to a PFT poll on the topic don’t like the logos.

And if they don’t like the logos, they may hate the new helmet decals. For the first time since a horn was painted onto a leather Rams helmet, it’s possible if not probable that the horn on the Rams helmet will not consist of one solid, continuous color.

Look at the two versions of the logo that contain a horn in them. The horns are identical; mainly yellow with a curved blue line and shading.

Don’t be surprised if the horns on the helmets look exactly like the shaded, blue-line yellow horn in the new logo.

Really, that’s the only thing the Rams could do at this point to make the horn different. It’s been yellow, it’s been white, it’s been gold. Thus, hiding in plain sight within the new logos is the evidence that the new horn on the Rams’ helmet quite likely will contain shading and a blue line, and plenty of Rams fans may not be fans of that break from franchise tradition, if that’s what the helmets will look like.