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It’s a rule that phones eventually become cheaper after they release, but few drop in price as quickly as Samsung phones. Samsung’s Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus launched in early March and are already $200 off at Amazon and Best Buy. This brings the price down to $800 for the S20 and $1,000 for the S20 Plus.

These prices are for the unlocked versions, which you can use with any US carrier. If you’re buying through Best Buy, you should order online instead of leaving the house. But should you go to one of its stores for an order pickup, it offers curbside pickup.

It’s worth noting that if you’re a Verizon customer hoping to use 5G on the S20, this version won’t work. Verizon and Samsung are planning to release a version of the phone that will work on its mmWave spectrum 5G network. Another note: the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is excluded from this deal and still costs $1,350.

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