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Mike Vrabel calls elderly Titans fan in quarantine

Elderly people around the world have been isolated amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but Titans coach Mike Vrabel found a way to visit one big Titans fan who is quarantined. Vrabel

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Interactions between cancer cells and fibroblasts promote metastasis

In order to colonize other organs and grow into metastases, tumor cells that detach from the parent tumor need to manipulate their new microenvironment and create a ‘metastatic niche.’ Scientists

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Twitter ad sales hit by coronavirus but active users soar

Twitter Inc TWTR.O pulled its first-quarter revenue outlook and forecast an operating loss on Monday as the coronavirus outbreak crimped ad sales, but said the pandemic boosted the number of

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Governments around the world are increasingly using location data to manage the coronavirus

As the novel coronavirus continues to spread around the world, more governments are relying on mobile carrier data to track everything from patients who should be isolated to how well

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Man jailed for stealing police car’s blue lights for ‘bragging rights’

A man who stole the blue lights from the top of a police car for ‘bragging rights’ has been jailed. British Transport Police said David McBeth, 30, jumped on the

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